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, perhaps, can include values. but it was our strong patent system and a respect for law that made the difference in that technology and freedom. yet today, multinational corporations run by americans want to diminish patent protection in the united states. we have had the strongest patent protection of any country in the world. yet, we have had for the last 25 years, major, major efforts to diminish the patent protection that we have and to what harmonize it with the rest of the world and just happens that the european and japanese patent systems are much weaker and offer less protection for the inventors. over the years we have had to fight back and turn back to weaken the patent system a number of times. i have been part of that struggle. i remember when they were demanding for example and we defeated the bill -- published a patent, american published patent act or something like and what it was saying, it was the american patent published act. after 18 months, if someone hasn't filed for a patent, they were going to publish his patent application, meaning all the secrets would
likely to be a partisan republicans who don't like the president's health law absolutely using this as odder nair own arguments against the law and as an example of the implementation is as predicted. democrats are going to be interesting to watch because health while support the care law and don't want it dismantled or repealed are in a spot because they have to acknowledge that the website is not working and needs to be fixed and that people should be accountable. so they probably want to be the fine line between asking the tough important questions but not throwing the administration, you know, >> in a frame -- in a few moments, first ladies focuses on best truman. in about an hour and a half, the opening of the bankers association, including comments -- donovan andnd the head of the consumer financial protection bureau. after that, monday's ceremony for james coney. ♪ >> president harry truman like to refer to his life -- his wife, bess -- good time of her white house years home in missouri. she served as first lady on her own terms. good evening and welcome. here to tell
a negative word about her. he wrote this piece about how he didn't understand mother-in-law jokes because he said he had such a great one. , mother wallace has died. make arrangements. >> let's learn more through their eyes of the story of harry and bess. from where26 miles grandfather lived. he often stayed across the week which was where his aunt and two cousins lived. one afternoon, he was over there with his cousins and the family. they brought in a cake plate that my grandmother had given her a cake. they had cleaned the cake plate and was asking if anyone would take it back over. >> my grandfather moved with the speed of light and grabbed the cake plate and ran over here and rang the bell, in the hopes that my grandmother would answer the door. and she did. and that was the beginning of their formal courtship. they first met in sunday school when my grandmother was five and my grandfather was six. they were baptist. my grandfather's family was baptist. but the first presbyterian church had a very good sunday school. that was what my grand -- grandfather -- grandmother was interested in
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3